Monday, 29 June 2015

Using Social Media As It Should Be

There are few businesses who use social media as it should be used. To engage your audience. To create posts that encourage ‘conversation’. There are many different ways that you can do that, which will vary depending on the business that you are in.

Recently a local hotel in Ballarat (my local-let’s call it-Freight) asked on their Facebook page what mothers would like to see in a child friendly lunch venue. Over 200 comments later they had suggestions ranging from needs of babies, toddlers and children, what mothers want, toys to play with, food to eat on the menu. Lots of suggestions for them to consider.

You are right to think that this line of questioning is not new. I too have seen many businesses ask their following what they would like to see in improvements. In many cases the owners already know what they are doing, what they are seeking is more engagement and publicity, helping to build the excitement. They do not really care about what you think – they believe that this is a clever way for them to start the promotion of their new product or service.

So what the clever management at Freight did next was to thank people, announce the winner of the voucher and tell all the mothers to ‘watch this space’.

Within weeks Freight launched their lunchtime canteen (eat in or takeaway) with a simple, yet
affordable menu. They matched a café style menu with a kids menu that has healthy options (fruit skewers and sandwiches). And they put in a very simple play space for kids with a toy kitchen, blocks and a blackboard for imaginary play.

All of this was developed by simply asking a question on Facebook – and with proper follow through they have created a welcoming space for mums and families.

Facebook will always change the way that businesses can use it – often these changes are based on users feedback. There is more reliance on paid advertising to gain reach and this will expand into all social media in the coming months. Social media should be used to create conversation and as a lead to your website – simple. The Visionary Marketing Lounge has just been updated to include a proven way that you can achieve this.

If you would like to check out Freight visit their website here

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