Monday, 15 June 2015

Social Video - what you need to know

It has been said that images and video on social media gain higher engagement through more likes and sharing. The incredible rise in popularity of platforms like Pinterest and Instagran which are purely image based only proves this.

What are your options?

YouTube has been around forever -you create videos and you upload it. People visit You Tube to find things, it is part of the Google family, it has high usage in terms of searches and uploads. It has had no competition....

Then Twitter launched Vine, an app that allows you to record and share short play videos -like video tweets. Check it out here

Then Pinterest allowed gifs (moving images) shortly followed by video - linking to You Tube.

Facebook has recently added auto play in their news feed (where the video is playing without you pressing play) and featured video on business pages.

Enter Twitter again and the introduction of Meerkat and Periscope - both apps enabling users to create and then upload to Twitter videos straight from their phone. The difference between the two is that Periscope is live streams.

Technology is enabling us to connect with each other and customers in brand new ways every day - your smart phone and an app are allowing you to create and share what could have cost you hundreds of dollars, for next to nothing.

How will you use these channels to promote your business?