Monday, 29 June 2015

Using Social Media As It Should Be

There are few businesses who use social media as it should be used. To engage your audience. To create posts that encourage ‘conversation’. There are many different ways that you can do that, which will vary depending on the business that you are in.

Recently a local hotel in Ballarat (my local-let’s call it-Freight) asked on their Facebook page what mothers would like to see in a child friendly lunch venue. Over 200 comments later they had suggestions ranging from needs of babies, toddlers and children, what mothers want, toys to play with, food to eat on the menu. Lots of suggestions for them to consider.

You are right to think that this line of questioning is not new. I too have seen many businesses ask their following what they would like to see in improvements. In many cases the owners already know what they are doing, what they are seeking is more engagement and publicity, helping to build the excitement. They do not really care about what you think – they believe that this is a clever way for them to start the promotion of their new product or service.

So what the clever management at Freight did next was to thank people, announce the winner of the voucher and tell all the mothers to ‘watch this space’.

Within weeks Freight launched their lunchtime canteen (eat in or takeaway) with a simple, yet
affordable menu. They matched a café style menu with a kids menu that has healthy options (fruit skewers and sandwiches). And they put in a very simple play space for kids with a toy kitchen, blocks and a blackboard for imaginary play.

All of this was developed by simply asking a question on Facebook – and with proper follow through they have created a welcoming space for mums and families.

Facebook will always change the way that businesses can use it – often these changes are based on users feedback. There is more reliance on paid advertising to gain reach and this will expand into all social media in the coming months. Social media should be used to create conversation and as a lead to your website – simple. The Visionary Marketing Lounge has just been updated to include a proven way that you can achieve this.

If you would like to check out Freight visit their website here

Monday, 15 June 2015

Social Video - what you need to know

It has been said that images and video on social media gain higher engagement through more likes and sharing. The incredible rise in popularity of platforms like Pinterest and Instagran which are purely image based only proves this.

What are your options?

YouTube has been around forever -you create videos and you upload it. People visit You Tube to find things, it is part of the Google family, it has high usage in terms of searches and uploads. It has had no competition....

Then Twitter launched Vine, an app that allows you to record and share short play videos -like video tweets. Check it out here

Then Pinterest allowed gifs (moving images) shortly followed by video - linking to You Tube.

Facebook has recently added auto play in their news feed (where the video is playing without you pressing play) and featured video on business pages.

Enter Twitter again and the introduction of Meerkat and Periscope - both apps enabling users to create and then upload to Twitter videos straight from their phone. The difference between the two is that Periscope is live streams.

Technology is enabling us to connect with each other and customers in brand new ways every day - your smart phone and an app are allowing you to create and share what could have cost you hundreds of dollars, for next to nothing.

How will you use these channels to promote your business?

Monday, 1 June 2015

Pinterest surpasses Instagram beating Google

Let’s celebrate, Pinterest is still alive, infact it is more than alive – this platform is fast rising to become one of the giants of the social media world.

It had been a while since I had heard anything about Pinterest. It is no secret that this is my all time most favourite social media, and so the silence had started to concern me. What if people had forgotten about Pinterest, what if it started to slip out of minds and digital strategies.

But alas, it is alive, infact experts are touting 2016 to be the year of Pinterest. All my dreams have come true! Pinterest continues to have the fastest adoption rate of any social media, recently surpassing Instagram (Global Web Index). While it is still attracting typically women in their mid-30’s, the sign up rates for men is increasing. Infact if it continues the rate of growth it is having within 5 years users will rival those on Facebook and will quickly leave others behind. There are today 47.1 million users on this platform.

From a digital marketing perspective Pinterest is only 2nd to Facebook in regards to click throughs to websites from the platform. Other platforms are showing decreasing traffic to websites. Pinterest users are highly motivated to buy. If you sell online and you are not on Pinterest then change it, today.

There are some experts saying that Pinterest is going to rival Google as a go-to-place to find information, products and services (Social Media Examiner). Forreseters Nate Elliott contends Pinterest will one day drive more sales than Facebook or twitter, and by 2016 its ad offerings could trump those of other social networks.

And how is this so? It all comes down to data, specifically Nate Elliott explains it as ‘intent’ vs ‘affinity’ data. Look it up if you want to know more. Essentially the likes of Facebook collects affinity data – looking at people or products you mention, what you like, who you follow and creates your ‘newsfeed’ including ads around this. Pinterest like Google collects ‘intent’ data – through search terms you use and pins you pin they can collect more specific information about you and what you are looking to buy, your newsfeeds and ads can then be targeted based on what you are looking to purchase at that time.

So what does this mean to you? I would suggest that if any of the following resonates with you and your business then you need to take a closer look at Pinterest
  • ·         Sell anything online
  • ·         Blogger
  • ·         Have many images of your work, locations etc
  • ·         Have an app
  • ·         Recipes
  • ·         In the movie/film industry
  • ·         Ideas / Imaginatikn / Creative space
  • ·         Events/weddings/parties
  • ·         Travel/tourism industry

If you said yes to any of the above then look into Pinterest more.

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