Monday, 25 May 2015

So You Want To Be 1st Page On Google?

“...We get phone calls out of the blue all the time at Visionary Group from people who can put us “... on first page of Google” - after asking them if they have actually had a look at our business (Digital Marketing Strategy), I politely say “No Thanks” and end the conversation before I get peeved off enough to give them a mouthful…”

The Issue:
Focussing on pagerank alone is not a wholistic approach to marketing your business within the digital landscape, search engines (particularly Google) have worked hard to refine their algorithms to take into account relevance of content within web pages.

Not only that, quality content delivered via a variety of channels (thus directing traffic to other content on your site) provides a broader online reach of your content.

Become a Subject Matter Expert:
From a business owner’s or manager's point of view, there is a real need to position your business or individual as a subject matter expert… “erggg… just another thing I need to do in just 24 hours a day” I hear your say!

Not only does this have an online benefit but also will be an advantage to boosting your personal profile or your company’s profile; think of it as an aspect of personal development.

Not Ranking but Integrated Digital Marketing:
Working on an immediate rankings of a select number of keywords is not beneficial in the long term… considering that any of the 500+ changes to search engine algorithms can wipe away all that work in a minute.

An effective digital marketing strategy consists of multiple channel outlook and consistent quality content, drawing in genuine interest toward your website, whereby your optimised conversion process produces effective return on digital marketing investment.

Visionary Group has been developing Digital Marketing Strategies since 2004, we suggest that all businesses need to be invest in the following areas as a start:
1. Organic Search (SEO): Optimise your site so search engines understand
2. Paid Search (SEM): Invest in promoting your business online
3. Google Places (Google Maps): Let people know where you are (free)
4. Social Media: Engage in existing and potential customers
5. Email Marketing: Regularly communicate with Subscribers as VIP’s