Friday, 13 February 2015

Why you can't reach your customer.

Personalisation – that is the way of the future. Just like your favourite shop knows your name, your partners and kids names, the things you like and how you want to purchase – as will your favourite websites, search engines and social media.

It doesn’t matter what buzz words marketers use – consumers (you) are increasingly able to be selective about the messaging that you see – where, when and what.

Paid advertising on television, radio and print are increasingly providing a lower return on investment. Interestingly outdoor advertising (bill boards, buses etc) are providing better return on investments over longer periods of times.

Businesses are turning more and more to the online world to offer them the opportunities to promote their products and services.

Directory listings, adwords and adsense have been options for a while – however research is indicating that return on investment for banner advertising is decreasing.

There is debates happening in regards to the effectiveness of e-mail marketing, with open rates decreasing. Gmail and Outlook recently rolled out changes to how e-mails are organised with tabs now filtering messages away from first screen views. SMS marketing has been trialled by some companies but has never really taken off – maybe it will.

Consumers have the opportunities of ‘opting out’, ‘removing’, ‘unsubscribing’, and ‘filtering’ messages and advertisers – providing marketers with additional barriers to having potential customers see their advertising.
As consumers discover personalisation, companies also discover new ways to sell advertising, and push messages to people (gmail users will see the paid advertising popping up). Social media are refining the way that there ads are seen and how business can target customers – LinkedIn and Twitter have joined the paid advertising field along with Facebook and Pinterest are trialing paid pins.

As technology expands the ways for companies to tell their story as does it allow for the consumer to customise the type of messaging you see and how you receive it.

Like it or not there is so much ‘data’ about you in cyber-space (google Big Data and see what comes up) it is this information that is giving business the opportunity to target you as an individual.

The days of mass-advertising and paying for ‘brand awareness’ is gone – if you understand your target market you can reach them in a targeted and cost effective way by tapping into the digital world.

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