Monday, 23 February 2015

Three M's to a competitive website

Your website is just as important as your shop front or office - as such it should be maintained, managed and marketed in the same way. The three m's of a competitive website:

Maintained: This includes keeping content up-to-date, links working, uptime and speed of your website, security (against hackers and viruses) to name a few. Your host should be able to provide some of these services.

Managed: It is very easy for a website to get either out of control through too many people accessing and updating it or at the other end of spectrum for it to become redundant because it hasn't been updated.

We recommend regular updates and also if you have multiple people as content editors or web masters, to ensure that website guidelines document is adopted.

Marketed: As with anything else that you produce for your business, your website should be appealing to your ideal client, it should tell your story and inform about your products and/or services. Colours, fonts and images should be consistent with your style guide.

Once you have a well designed and functional website then you need to tell people about it. There are many ways to tell people about your site, at this point many people get focused on purely gaining high google rankings (that is appearing on the 1st page). While this is important it is not the only way of getting people onto your website - this is where your digital strategy comes into play.

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