Monday, 2 February 2015

Good Headshots Will Sell More

Having a great looking head shot will assist you with branding for both your business and also yourself.

Having a bad head shot will not envoke trust in potential clients/customers. Bad includes: 
Out of date pictures (I once met someone after connecting with them on Social Media and was left feeling disappointed). 
Poor quality (let's face it 'selfies' are great for friends and family...but....). 
Cropped photos (you know the one where you are out with your mates and someone snaps a pic and shares on FB - you download and crop)

You get the idea. 

A good photo is: 
Where you are wearing enough make-up to highlight your features, take away the shine and stand out on camera. 
Good quality camera and a photographer who knows how to use both the camera and lights, and also edit the pictures. 
Natural poses that reflect your business brand and your personality. Do your research and be prepared.

The main purpose of using a photo of you and your team in promotion is that people (your customers/clients) want to do business with a person. Not a brand. Corporation. A person they can identify with, speak to and most importantly impart their hard earned dollars with (that is the bit you want). Having head shot photos of you and your team will create connection with your business.

Investing in good quality head shots, and also regularly updating them, is money well spent. Once you have the pictures you can use them on social media (let's face it between personal accounts-with an average person having 5.4* and also business accounts-there is plenty of scope on social media alone). Then there is your blog, website, profiles on directories, business cards, brochures and other printed collateral, media releases and bio sheets. Really any item that you are trying to envoke trust and build relationships with potential and new customers. 

A library of professional head shots can be used over and over again - updated once or twice a year. Visionary's professional head shot day, held in Ballarat is our service to help business have better marketing! For more information on these days follow this link

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