Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Facebook Ads: Maturing product worth a look... potential threat to Google AdWords for business?

At Visionary, we've run numerous advertising campaigns for our clients and also for ourselves, we've seen the potential in the early stages and the increasing positive impact Facebook delivers to business.

Things are ramping up quickly at Facebook in terms of how refined their service performs - currently we have a campaign running for a client, which is almost identical to an earlier campaign that ran in mid 2014; we saw a 10% increase in target audience (more FB users in area) and also reached the same number of impressions as the previous campaign in half the time!

Granted, we have to apply the consideration that there are a great number of variables that need to be taken into account; differences in messaging and topic is paramount, also there is possibly less competing campaigns during early new-year where typically overall Internet traffic is lower.

We still believe that recent changes and refinements at Facebook are starting to deliver a mature Pay-Per-Click offering that could rival Google AdWords - it's certainly worth considering, but only after identifying if your target market operates on Facebook. Certainly if your business predominately sells to the public consumer (ie. B2C) then there is every chance that a well developed and funded campaign could produce great results.

Our friends at Social Media Examiner have just published a great 15 point guide to better Facebook advertising, we suggest taking a look here; as always the team at Visionary Group are available to discuss Facebook advertising but also how to we can help you 'Create and Market Your Online Business' - Contact us today for a Free 30 minute introductory consult and proposal!

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