Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Creating a ‘job’ that will challenge and inspire

Have you ever had that feeling that you are doing something that is so totally right for you; You feel excited, energised, positive and buzzing with anticipation as to what wonderful thing will happen next for you; The universe is in alignment, it is all working out for, everything is falling into place.

Great feeling isn’t it. If you are lucky enough to have felt that.

What can you do if you haven’t felt need to find your passion, then your purpose will be clear and then you can turn your passion into profit!

Idealistic isn’t it?

Let’s start with your passion – your driver, the thing you get excited about. What is it? Indeed how do you find your passion?

This is a process I use for myself and for clients when needed. Take a piece of paper – draw a circle and put your name in it – this is your world. Write everything you do in the circle – as a ‘job’, as a family member, partner, parent, volunteer, for you and for the community – everything. Now we add colour....4 colours – what is ‘work’ that you make money out of; what you do in your ‘life’ outside of work; Your ‘skills’ and; your ‘passions’.  You could have multiple colours on one item – that is OK. If you have anything that does not have a colour that is not important to you – you need to stop doing that activity – outsource it or bin it.

Then you need to prioritise – numbers for those aspects that are important to fueling your ‘soul’ the drivers and things that make you excited. Letters for the things that are your hard skills and expertise (and that you really enjoy doing).

What you will have is a mind map of your life. When you need to make a decision go back to this mind map – the answer is there in the colours in the task and the priority you have given it. You will also see through the colours and the priorities the life activities that drive you, that excite you, that get you out of bed in the morning – and guess what that is YOUR PASSION.

The key to creating amazing business is to make sure that your passion is present in your business – when you complete the ‘Create An Online Business Course’ we look further at how these areas can combine to make a great business – where you are profiting from your passion.

Once you understand your passion, you can then look for your life purpose – if you are a visual person use a ‘vision board’ if you are a wordy person then create yourself a life plan (much like a business plan really). These will then in turn help you to see where you are aiming for and the steps you need to take to get there – your aims and objectives.

Your passion needs to twist its way through all aspects of your life – work/business and life – you do after-all spend a large portion of your time ‘at work’ why not make it what you want. It is also never too late to change what you are doing, maybe today is the day you make a decision to Create An Online Business.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Heartbleed OpenSSL: A Visionary Group Perspective

There's been a lot of media about a new virus that has been discovered, we wanted to let you know that Visionary Group Client websites are not affected by the new virus.

Heartbleed is a server based virus which impacts secure connections, such as online banking and eCommerce, which use encrypted connections such as OpenSSL.

You can do a number of things to mitigate infection:

  • If you use Google Chrome browser, you can install Chromebleed, which checks each site you visit and alerts you if the server has not been repaired.
  • Have a look at LastPass - saves your passwords securely and it's free; we have used it for a number of years now.
  • Some experts are suggesting to reset your passwords, but until we know the extent of the infection (and that it's a server issue) it's not clear that this is necessary.
  • Visit this article on Mashable, which lists a number of popular websites and their status:

Remember, please keep your Antivirus software up to date and run scans on a regular basis, we suggest that a paid version of your favourite AV software is best and is a wise investment.