Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Are you ready to start your own business?

The motivation for people to start a business is often as diverse as the businesses that they choose to start. For some it comes out of desperation to not being able to find a job; for some it is the need to not want to ‘work for the man’; for others it is because you have always had the desire to do it for yourself. In most cases these motivators could have built up over some time. You have been thinking about what sort of business you would like to run – what can you do that will best use your skills and expertise and also fuel your passion.

The single biggest motivator for people to start a business is the desire to want something better. You are no longer happy to ‘work for the man’ and join the drudge of commuting to work every day. Possibly you can’t find a job at the level of your experience and skills. The need to control your own life, make your own decisions and feel challenged. Often you feel like you have got stuck; there are no longer promotional opportunities available to you. You are no longer feeling happy and understand that there is more to life. You need to understand where your motivation comes from to start your business, in order to stay motivated when things are not going the way you thought it would-and there will be days like that.

Once you have the motivation that you want to create a business you are almost ready to start. The other important consideration is cash. You will need to ensure that you have enough ‘cash’ to be able to move from employment to self-employment (if indeed you are employed). For the lucky few you might be accepting a good sized redundancy package and able to use this as a cash buffer in that first year or so in business; for some you may be able to negotiate less hours – or even find a part-time job so that you can still put food on the table and create your business.  For those who are starting a business after resigning from a position or who are unemployed and moving into their own business, the need to generate cash quickly will be greatest.

Once you now you will be able to still pay your bills and put food on your table you can be secure in the knowledge that your business can have the best start possible, coupled with the motivation all that is left to decide is what you are going to do in your business and what do to first.

Deciding on what you are going to do in your business will mean not only looking at your skills and expertise but also your passions – starting your own business gives you the opportunity to create a business and ‘job’ for yourself that will challenge and inspire you.

You may need guidance in first working out what your business is going to look like and then learning the technical skills to actually manage a business. The Create An Online Business course will help you to understand the type of business that you would like to own and how to manage the technical aspects – then we will show you how you can then put that online and make money out of your online activity. At the conclusion of the course you will have a business that you are ready to press start on – one that uses your expertise and fuels your passion.