Friday, 11 October 2013

The Time For Giving Is Here

A well organised and planned business is starting to think about their Christmas giving. Traditionally this is the time of year for Christmas cards, street decorations, giving presents, work parties and spending time with friends and family. It can also be stressful if you are not prepared, all the social engagements and commitments on top of planning for holidays and slow times in January, can send your head into a spin. Help is an e-mail away!

Christmas Cards: Sent to your staff, colleagues, clients, suppliers and supporters. A personalised card at Christmas time helps to reconnect with people you have worked with throughout the year and hope to continue to work with. 

Don't forget all of your family and friends who you should also be sending cards to! 

Christmas Gifts: It is nice to provide important people with a gift as a token of your appreciation, these can be printed with your branding or left generic and can be as small as a key ring or as big as hamper! Visionary can help you with ideas and even purchase gifts for you.

Christmas Parties: Who doesn't like a good Christmas party and itis even better when you host it yourself, or is. There is alot to plan when it comes to work parties, even a simple event can be time consuming for people who are trying to manage everything else. Visionary can assist with all aspects of organising your Christmas Party, working within your budget we can even create that little bit something different that makes your's the talk of the Christmas Parties.

So with Visionary looking after those 3 time consuming  tasks, all you need to focus on is fitting in all of the socialising and finishing projects before the summer break!

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