Sunday, 20 October 2013

Owning Your Social Media Presence

You need to own your social media – be seen; be engaging; be responsive – all in a timely manner! Hello good time management skills and apps that will help you manage the amount of time you are actually spending on social media.

Social media is very overwhelming once you start wanting to use it for business and to drive traffic to your website and ultimately sales. Changes happen almost on a daily basis; what worked yesterday to get your post seen – no longer works today.

The use of social media as a promotional tool will only continue to strengthen over time – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, You Tube, Blogs to name the most popular are all continuing to expand their services to make it easier and better for you to communicate with your audience.

Other sites come and go but the strong social media outlets are continuing to evolve and change. This is the future. Businesses need to get on board.

Here are my top tips to helping you own your social media presence:
You don’t need to be across all social media – you only need to be present and active on the sites that your target market is on. There are plenty of resources and statistics that will help you to determine which medium will help you reach your target.

Create a schedule for your posts – what will you post and when? If you have it planned you do not need to think about it and it will be heaps easier for you. Include which site you are going to post what message. There is third party programs that can help with this, Hootsuite is the most popular solution.

Content is king –it is all about quality content – content that is engaging and encourages your likers/followers to like, share and comment on your posts. Use pictures for more emphasis. The more engagement you have on social media the stronger your web presence will be.

Create call to actions to have people flow back to your website or onto your newsletter. This way you can actually measure the success of posts and also particular social media. Many sites have terrific insight data that give you a snapshot (and sometimes very detailed) look at your followers and how you are interacting with them. Make sure you review this regularly. Increasing traffic to your website will in-turn help to increase your search engine rankings!

Be regular and consistent – the latest reports are saying that for Facebook you need to be posting at least twice daily and for Twitter the best performing accounts are tweeting up to 30 times a day. Off course it varies for other social media and at the end of the day this could possibly be somewhat extravagant, it depends on your business and the importance you place on being seen on social media. There is nothing worse than not hearing anything from a business for weeks and then suddenly being bombarded before silence again.

If you are really confused learn more – attend workshops, webinars, read blogs. Social media is not going away, can you afford to let the possibility of talking direct to your target market disappear because you feel overwhelmed.

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