Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Characteristics of a marketing god/goddess

Do you work with, or are you the type of person who reacts all the time to what is happening in your environment? Juggling all your balls in the air, catching one only to throw it up in the air again?

Your product launch is this week – quick send e-mails. That event is on this week – quick post on Facebook – lot’s. Something happening last week – quick send out a newsletter. Is this you? Can you relate?

Does this sound like you? Madly telling people all about the news and events of your business in a mad, frantic way. With a few minutes to spare in your busy week do you sit down and post on social media, throw out some quick e-mails, update your website and dash together a newsletter. You are a marketing God – time management Queen (or King) – efficiency plus is your motto!

Did you know that there is an optimal time for posting on social media and sending e-mails to get the best open rates an engagement by your target audience. Information moves so fast – newsfeeds on social media update regularly; inboxes get full – emails are deleted without being opened – gmails new tab format is also making it easier for people to filter e-mails out of their inbox.

So the answer – stop pretending to be efficient with your marketing. You are doing no-one any favours – especially your business.

There are two secrets (reminders) that I am going to let you in on to help be more proactive and productive with your marketing:
S    Start to plan your content. Develop a  6 month calendar for your business, put in all of your events, product launches, public holidays and specials (ie Christmas). What messaging will you develop to go with these milestones, where will you place those messages – will you put images with them? What is your call to action? What do you need to put into place to ensure seamless interactions.
       Use a scheduling tool – the leaders are Bufferapp, Hootsuite and Sprout Social – do your research to see which line will work best for you. Like any app my golden rule is that it needs to help with your business and not create more work!

As with any campaign that you develop if you have strong strategy and reliable research behind it you will generate good leads into your business. Like anything else in your life – a little bit of planning will make implementation so much easier!

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