Saturday, 7 September 2013

Great E-mail Marketing

By Craig Allan
“Nobody appreciates spam emails clogging up their Inbox, but we all find informative newsletters useful to keep up-to-date with developments in crucial aspects of our professional life – the challenge for business operators is to produce quality advice and newsworthy articles that are delivered in an ethical manner.”

Email marketing remains to be an effective online communications channel with effective results in increasing conversions to business operators who use websites as a sales vehicle; not only is it a desirable way for interested people to receive relevant information, but also it is an ethical communication method providing marketers and business managers adhere with government regulations, such as the Anti Spam Laws here in Australia.

It’s in business operator’s best interest to keep on the right side of these laws as penalties are significant; the law also covers other marketing activities, such as SMS marketing. More details can be found at the ACMA website (

Effective email marketing can increase the number of visitations and length on time people visit company websites, thus enabling an increased opportunity to convert site visitors into customers; the structure of email newsletters is important in that regard.

Business operators should also consider the frequency and delivery day when planning an email marketing campaign; Visionary marketing has a range of packaged and customised solutions to assist in delivering effective – Contact Us Now!

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