Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Migrating Visionary Thoughts Blog to Google Blogger

Watch This Space...

The team at Visionary Group have been blogging for a while now, using an in-built component within our CMS website... for the most part it's been great!

Integrating with Google Blogger will offer more reach and connectedness that the old system had limitations... not that it wasn't great, we made the decision also based on our daily association with Google+, Analytics, AdWords and more to assist in spreading the 'word'!

We hope you enjoy the next generation of blogging from us, needless to say that we are just a little bit excited...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Creating Strong Customer Relationships

The strength of any business relies on the loyalty of its customers. Strong relationships with your customers is critical to a businesses long-term success and profitability. You need to stay connected with your customers to be able to create strong relationships, to help you here are some ideas:

Newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your customers since there are an endless number of pieces of information that you can put into the newsletter.

Remember to provide information that is relevant and factual. Studies show that when companies send out newsletters that contain nothing more than sales pitches for the products or services that they are selling, customers tune out these sales pitches and discard the newsletter.

Postcards. If you have a budget that allows it, consider sending out postcards to reach your customers to communicate with them on a personal level. Ensure that the message that you send is timely and relevant.

Fulfil all your promises. It's important that you do what you say you're going to do. When you or your products fail to deliver on their promises, you lose credibility, which is crucial to establishing a trusting relationship with your customers.

Return all e-mail and phone calls. When a customer makes an effort to contact you, make sure that you return the communication as soon as you can. This is the perfect opportunity for you to open up lines of communication.

Greeting cards. Are a great way to say thank-you to your clients and customers, a birthday card is also a nice gesture, for repeat customers you can also send business anniversary cards. It's important to let your customers know that you appreciate their business.

Information about new products. Whenever you have a new product or service, make sure that you let your customers know.

The more communication that you have with your customers, the stronger your relationship will be. You want to ensure that your customers trust you, listen to what you have to say, and return to buy more of your products and services.

There are so many tools that you can build into your business that assists in automating these communication processes – Visionary marketing has affordable relationship marketing packages that you may be interested in – or we can give you a no-obligation quote on your individual needs.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Great E-mail Marketing

By Craig Allan
“Nobody appreciates spam emails clogging up their Inbox, but we all find informative newsletters useful to keep up-to-date with developments in crucial aspects of our professional life – the challenge for business operators is to produce quality advice and newsworthy articles that are delivered in an ethical manner.”

Email marketing remains to be an effective online communications channel with effective results in increasing conversions to business operators who use websites as a sales vehicle; not only is it a desirable way for interested people to receive relevant information, but also it is an ethical communication method providing marketers and business managers adhere with government regulations, such as the Anti Spam Laws here in Australia.

It’s in business operator’s best interest to keep on the right side of these laws as penalties are significant; the law also covers other marketing activities, such as SMS marketing. More details can be found at the ACMA website (

Effective email marketing can increase the number of visitations and length on time people visit company websites, thus enabling an increased opportunity to convert site visitors into customers; the structure of email newsletters is important in that regard.

Business operators should also consider the frequency and delivery day when planning an email marketing campaign; Visionary marketing has a range of packaged and customised solutions to assist in delivering effective – Contact Us Now!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Research Your Success

The thing with marketing – in fact anything to do with business – is that you cannot rest on your laurels. Things change – you need to measure the success of your marketing and relate that to your original Research and Strategy, sometimes you may also need to refine your Campaigns in order to funnel a more aligned customer into your business. 

This can be done by returning to the top of the Visionary Marketing Process and considering your Research – this time conducting internal Research with your customers.

By asking your customers a couple of simple questions you will be able to determine a lot about the success of your Campaigns.
• How did you find us?
• Where are you from?
• Age group?

Combine this with comparisons to sales made you will get a really good snapshot of the type of customer that you have in your business purchasing (or even just browsing); you will understand what worked in your Campaigns and be able to make relevant and pro-active changes to your own process.

You should be able to answer
• What parts of my marketing is working for me?
• Who is my current target audience?
• What didn’t work in my marketing campaign that needs to be changed or scrapped?
• Did I reach my ideal client?
• What gaps are there in my marketing Strategy that I need to fill.

Obviously here you also need to analyse traffic information from your website and also social media analytics to help create a big picture view of the results of your marketing.

By following the Visionary Marketing Process you will ensure that your business will be in a good position to implement marketing that is Proactive and Integrated. We would love to see you as a Visionary member also follow this link for more information