Thursday, 22 August 2013

Your Shopfront Making The First Impressions Count

The primary purpose of good marketing is to drive the right customers into your business shopfront. At the ‘action’ stage of the Visionary process this is where the importance of well thought out Campaigns; underpinned by sound Research and Strategy will ensure success in your marketing.

It is important to be aware of your shop front and the first impressions people will have of your business – first impressions leave lasting memories and help to encourage your customer to buy from you.

Your shop front can take either physical or digital forms and include:
• Email / Phone
• Physical shop
• Website
• Social Media

It is critical that all of your messaging and branding is not lost and disappoints your customers as they make contact with your business.

While there is no rule as to how people will enter your business – your Campaign can influence entry points. It is important to make sure that each of these entry points are linked to the next. Things to consider here include:
• Social media – there are so many options of the channels that you can be involved in. As a rule you should stick with the best 2 for your business and put a concerted effort into those. Any activity you do on social media should link people back to your website.
• Website – your website should be central and integral to your business processes. Your website should be future proof in that it will grow with your business; your domain name should be strong and recognisable for searches and also consumers; you should also have a website that you can update with a simple to use content management system. Your website should give customers the opportunity to purchase – send an enquiry or give a phone number for more information – subscribe to your e-news or blog – provide more detailed information on your products and services – and integrate with your social media
• Physical shop – should be easy to find in terms of location details and signage; good parking; merchandising of your products should be clean and presentable; actual shop should be clean
• Phone / e-mail – you need to be friendly (obviously); respond quickly, with appropriate information.
The ultimate aim at this level is to have your customers make a direct contact with you – this type of contact gives you the best opportunity to build a relationship and up-sell your products and services. Once you have your ideal customer ‘in your business’ you are very close to making the sale and $.

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