Thursday, 8 August 2013

Getting Set With Great Campaigns

From the Strategy, Campaigns can be created that are directed and utilise the best marketing communications mix to reach your desired outcome. Campaigns effectively detail the implementation of your Strategy. They will include ways to measure the return on investment, and this will feed back to your Research and enable you to evaluate and adjust future Strategies and Campaigns.

Typically campaigns are focused on communication; content and branding. A well executed campaign will be integrated across the entire marketing program of an organisation.

Communication is how you will tell people about your product or service, typically falling under the broad headings of traditional; digital and face to face. Effective communication will reach your target market with messaging that they can relate to and in a manner that is convenient and easy for them.

Content is not a new concept – it is as old as forever – however the relevancy of good content has never been more significant thanks to the importance placed on success with Google – which rewards well managed content with higher rankings. Content refers to anything you write and/or present for your business; reports, white papers, articles, brochures, websites, social media updates, blogs and so on. The careful management and production of this content to ensure your companies ‘brand’ is protected and also for search engine algorithms is extremely important.

Branding is basically a name, logo, slogan and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. The primary purpose of branding is to build the reputation of your product or service over time and increase the value in terms of $. To be able to increase the value of your brand it is important to have an understanding of your target market and also the company’s overall vision.

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