Thursday, 29 August 2013

Making The Sales And Making The $

This is the part we all want in our business – the part that will see the $ coming in the door – money is everything to a business – it is the lifeblood and so important to our success.

Many people are racing to get to this part without considering all the other elements we have discussed in this series. Everything you have done to this point has been about understanding your customer; making them aware of your business, products and services and funnelling them into your shop front – and providing them with an opportunity to buy from you.

This area is all about your internal processes – primarily customer service – what happens once the customer is in your shop front and ready to hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your products or services.

At this stage we need to consider:
• Enquiry – how do you manage enquiries and also following up potential leads once they have made contact with your business?
• Conversion – What is your conversion rate – are you meeting the needs of the customers who are knocking on your door?
• Up-selling – Once you are speaking to a potential customer you can help them more with their pain and add value to your current offerings
• Retaining – It is easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. What are you doing in your business to retain loyalty and also encourage positive word of mouth?

Think of all the work you have done to get someone to this point – don’t waste it by being lazy and providing poor service. Also remember that it is cheaper and easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.

Once you have made the sale it is not over – it is time to revisit your Research – to make sure that you are not wasting your resources undertaking marketing activity that is not sending the right person into your business and therefore you are not getting the sales that you deserve.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Your Shopfront Making The First Impressions Count

The primary purpose of good marketing is to drive the right customers into your business shopfront. At the ‘action’ stage of the Visionary process this is where the importance of well thought out Campaigns; underpinned by sound Research and Strategy will ensure success in your marketing.

It is important to be aware of your shop front and the first impressions people will have of your business – first impressions leave lasting memories and help to encourage your customer to buy from you.

Your shop front can take either physical or digital forms and include:
• Email / Phone
• Physical shop
• Website
• Social Media

It is critical that all of your messaging and branding is not lost and disappoints your customers as they make contact with your business.

While there is no rule as to how people will enter your business – your Campaign can influence entry points. It is important to make sure that each of these entry points are linked to the next. Things to consider here include:
• Social media – there are so many options of the channels that you can be involved in. As a rule you should stick with the best 2 for your business and put a concerted effort into those. Any activity you do on social media should link people back to your website.
• Website – your website should be central and integral to your business processes. Your website should be future proof in that it will grow with your business; your domain name should be strong and recognisable for searches and also consumers; you should also have a website that you can update with a simple to use content management system. Your website should give customers the opportunity to purchase – send an enquiry or give a phone number for more information – subscribe to your e-news or blog – provide more detailed information on your products and services – and integrate with your social media
• Physical shop – should be easy to find in terms of location details and signage; good parking; merchandising of your products should be clean and presentable; actual shop should be clean
• Phone / e-mail – you need to be friendly (obviously); respond quickly, with appropriate information.
The ultimate aim at this level is to have your customers make a direct contact with you – this type of contact gives you the best opportunity to build a relationship and up-sell your products and services. Once you have your ideal customer ‘in your business’ you are very close to making the sale and $.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Outsource To Reinvent And Survive

The key to an effective marketing campaign is one that is timely and co-ordinated. If your marketing campaigns are ad hoc or are not providing you the outcomes you want then you need assistance.

Do your marketing activities unroll when you need them to, or when you have time to think about the whole marketing thing, or worse still when you are contacted by an advertising consultant? Do you have a plan? Do you understand who your customers are? What about their needs and can you meet them?

If 80% of your business success is due to effective marketing – why aren’t you spending more time on your marketing? Is it because you are time poor, resource poor or if you are honest do you not understand how to market and develop your business effectively. Do you struggle to develop the essential co-ordinated marketing campaign that will have a better chance of being successful?

If you can relate to these statements then outsourcing to a marketing company is your solution. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself then outsource it to someone who does!

BUT outsourcing costs money? So what is business success worth to you? If you continue to do what you have always done then you will always get the same results; you will never have business growth and in turn you will never reach the dreams you have set for yourself and be living the lifestyle that you want! So if you are ready to do something different you are ready to outsource and seek advice.

You can seek advice from a variety of avenues, business coaches and/or marketing consultants are the best people to go to. The major difference is that the business coach will not do the work for you – they will point you in the right direction, however a marketing consultant will point you in the right direction and can also do the work for you!

The major advantage of utilising the services of a marketing company like Visionary Group is the experience and ability to draw on a variety of professionals to assist you achieve the desired outcomes. Our experience spans a variety of industries and types of campaigns. We specialise in integrating different mediums into a co-ordinated campaign and are at the fore-front of utilising technology for the benefit of our clients. From start-up to growth and development and beyond Visionary events & marketing have packages and services to cover the needs of your business.

Here are some key points for you to consider when selecting a marketing company to partner with:
  1. Does their branding appeal to you?
  2. Have you been able to develop a good strong rapport with the consultant meeting you initially?
  3. Is the company timely at responding to you in regards to quotes and proposals?
  4. Are the full costs given upfront including all inclusions and exclusions (ie graphic design, professional writing, ad placements and printing are often additional and on-top of the fees that you are being charged)?
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Getting Set With Great Campaigns

From the Strategy, Campaigns can be created that are directed and utilise the best marketing communications mix to reach your desired outcome. Campaigns effectively detail the implementation of your Strategy. They will include ways to measure the return on investment, and this will feed back to your Research and enable you to evaluate and adjust future Strategies and Campaigns.

Typically campaigns are focused on communication; content and branding. A well executed campaign will be integrated across the entire marketing program of an organisation.

Communication is how you will tell people about your product or service, typically falling under the broad headings of traditional; digital and face to face. Effective communication will reach your target market with messaging that they can relate to and in a manner that is convenient and easy for them.

Content is not a new concept – it is as old as forever – however the relevancy of good content has never been more significant thanks to the importance placed on success with Google – which rewards well managed content with higher rankings. Content refers to anything you write and/or present for your business; reports, white papers, articles, brochures, websites, social media updates, blogs and so on. The careful management and production of this content to ensure your companies ‘brand’ is protected and also for search engine algorithms is extremely important.

Branding is basically a name, logo, slogan and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. The primary purpose of branding is to build the reputation of your product or service over time and increase the value in terms of $. To be able to increase the value of your brand it is important to have an understanding of your target market and also the company’s overall vision.

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