Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Visionary Marketing Process

The whole purpose of marketing is to raise awareness of your brand, product or service with the ultimate aim of making a sale. Visionary has created a marketing process to help businesses make great marketing decisions.

At this point we need to make the differentiation that sales is not marketing. While both are reliant on each other - good marketing will usually always result in a sale – but sales with no marketing is doomed to fail. Many organisations employ a ‘sales person’ and tell them they are “marketing the organisation” and expect great results – this is short sighted and will lead to many failures.
There are so many elements of marketing that it becomes overwhelming to most people, especially when you are trying to manage all the elements of your business.

Marketing is however critical to the success of your business. If people are not buying from you, you have no cashflow, no reason for an accountant, staff, a shop front – in fact you can’t survive!

Many businesses fail within their marketing for 3 reasons:
• It is reactive not pro-active
• It is not integrated
• It is all about getting the sale

In essence our marketing process indicates the need for reliable Research to be undertaken in order to develop a strong Strategy that then in turn create successful Campaigns which are then measured with Research. If this is working effectively it will funnel people into your business, through your internal sales funnel and ending in a sale. Further Research should be undertaken to determine the success and measure return on investment (ROI) and so the cycle continues.

By following our marketing process, rates of marketing success will be higher as it will be proactive; integrated and not just about sales.

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