Saturday, 20 July 2013

Submission to Vic Gov eBusiness & Telework Inquiry

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The Victorian Government Rural and Regional Committee visited Ballarat on July 17, 2013  to receive submissions from local stakeholders as part of the Inquiry into the Opportunity for People to Use Telecommuting and e-Business to Work Remotely in Rural and Regional Victoria.

Visionary Group Director Craig Allan submitted a response to the inquiry and also discussed at length for an hour on the terms of reference with the panel of Member of Victorian State Parlament members.

It was heartening to see that panel members wanted to look beyond the technology and focus on the social and economic opportunities as well as the challenges that organisations are faced with, such as managing the productivity of employees working remotely.

The Inquiry will conclude with findings published in late 2013; Visionary Group look forward to reviewing the report and hope that positive policy initiatives and other outcomes result.

To visit the Parliment of Victoria Inquiry website: Visit Here

Visionary Group's submission to the Inquiry Committee: View Here

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