Thursday, 25 July 2013

Creating Direction With Effective Strategy

Effective marketing Strategy development will be guided by your Research and also your business plan. A clear marketing strategy will provide direction for your marketing activity and also a way of measuring your activities. It will establish goals and the optimal marketing mix to achieve the goals.

Strategy will allow your organisation to direct its resources effectively to achieve specific outcomes.

At the ‘thought stage’ of the Visionary marketing process this is where you can dream of what you want to achieve in your business and with your services or products. Your Strategy will guide the Campaigns that you will implement in order to meet the vision and mission of the organisation.

Strategy will give your business a guide on how to proceed. Your Strategy will be made up of a series of goals. Each goal needs to be tested against the SMART philosophy to ensure that it is robust. The SMART acronym stands for:
S pecific
M easurable
A chievable
R elevant
T ime sensitive

A good marketing strategy will assist an organisation to achieve its vision and mission, through setting objectives or goals for your marketing.

While many businesses, especially with experience, will determine many of these areas by intuition, rarely writing it down and rarely reviewing. A business that has good research at its foundation will be able to use that Research and also intuition to develop strong marketing strategies to grow their business. Company relevant Strategy will ensure that creative and effective marketing campaigns can be developed.

It is important to review your strategy regularly and effective first and second stage Research will help with this review.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Submission to Vic Gov eBusiness & Telework Inquiry

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The Victorian Government Rural and Regional Committee visited Ballarat on July 17, 2013  to receive submissions from local stakeholders as part of the Inquiry into the Opportunity for People to Use Telecommuting and e-Business to Work Remotely in Rural and Regional Victoria.

Visionary Group Director Craig Allan submitted a response to the inquiry and also discussed at length for an hour on the terms of reference with the panel of Member of Victorian State Parlament members.

It was heartening to see that panel members wanted to look beyond the technology and focus on the social and economic opportunities as well as the challenges that organisations are faced with, such as managing the productivity of employees working remotely.

The Inquiry will conclude with findings published in late 2013; Visionary Group look forward to reviewing the report and hope that positive policy initiatives and other outcomes result.

To visit the Parliment of Victoria Inquiry website: Visit Here

Visionary Group's submission to the Inquiry Committee: View Here

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Laying The Foundation With Effective Research

Visionary continues to share information on how our marketing process works – helping businesses to establish a strong integrated marketing strategy. Let’s consider Research and what it means to your business.

Effective Research will allow you to understand your existing and potential customers, will give you an overview of your competitors and identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for your business (SWOT analysis).

Research should allow you to develop or improve your product and/or service offerings, and also give you an indication of the best communication methods that will reach your desired target audience.

At the ‘thought’ stage of the Visionary marketing process; Research is seen as pivotal to creating successful Strategy. The second stage of Research helps to measure the success of the Campaigns employed – we revisit the second stage later.

Research will lay the foundations for a strong business – it is never too late to start – this step provides you with a continuous understanding of your marketplace. The world in which we do business in is evolving, quickly. If you are not aware of what is happening in the environment that you operate in then you cannot respond to any changes. Therefore you are being reactionary and not proactive.

Here are five questions you need to ask in order to conduct a research audit of your business:
1. What is the external environment your business operates in and what are the opportunities and threats?
2. What does an internal analysis of your business say and what are the opportunities and threats?
3. What products and services do you currently offer? What would you like to offer in the future? What are the potential strengths and weaknesses of each?
4. Who are your current customers? Who is your ideal customer – how can you appeal more to them? What are the gaps between these and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
5. How are you currently marketing your business? What is working for you, what isn’t and do you in fact measure ROI? What are the opportunities and threats for your marketing, especially in the new digital age?
Having a clear understanding of your business, customers and the environment you operate in will ensure you have the strong foundations for a successful business.

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Visionary Marketing Process

The whole purpose of marketing is to raise awareness of your brand, product or service with the ultimate aim of making a sale. Visionary has created a marketing process to help businesses make great marketing decisions.

At this point we need to make the differentiation that sales is not marketing. While both are reliant on each other - good marketing will usually always result in a sale – but sales with no marketing is doomed to fail. Many organisations employ a ‘sales person’ and tell them they are “marketing the organisation” and expect great results – this is short sighted and will lead to many failures.
There are so many elements of marketing that it becomes overwhelming to most people, especially when you are trying to manage all the elements of your business.

Marketing is however critical to the success of your business. If people are not buying from you, you have no cashflow, no reason for an accountant, staff, a shop front – in fact you can’t survive!

Many businesses fail within their marketing for 3 reasons:
• It is reactive not pro-active
• It is not integrated
• It is all about getting the sale

In essence our marketing process indicates the need for reliable Research to be undertaken in order to develop a strong Strategy that then in turn create successful Campaigns which are then measured with Research. If this is working effectively it will funnel people into your business, through your internal sales funnel and ending in a sale. Further Research should be undertaken to determine the success and measure return on investment (ROI) and so the cycle continues.

By following our marketing process, rates of marketing success will be higher as it will be proactive; integrated and not just about sales.

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