Saturday, 15 June 2013

What is e-business?

By Craig Allan

"e-business is essentially any business activity that uses technology as an enabler... in modern business environments it's almost all business activities. This is, however, many Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's) that can use e-business principals in their operations - saving time and money in the process!"

Some simple e-business activities are:
  • Email communications - to customers, suppliers and more
  • Selling or Ordering online - to and from businesses and/or governments
  • Internet based searching for products and services
  • Networking on the internet - industry associations or social media
  • Publishing information on the internet
  • Financial transactions online

As businesses expand, additional e-business tools and processes can be adopted; the advantages to business are:
  • improved communications betwen team members and business units
  • key performance indicators can be identified and in many cases seen in real time
  • integration between tools can streamline processing times, especially using open standards
  • exchange of knowledge is increased and shared within central repositories, less 'gatekeepers'
  • team members can operate more independently, management can still measure performance

While metro-based businesses tend to utilise e-business more readily, we have found that regional and rural businesses experience a number of barriers toward adopting e-business and being able to experience the efficiencies that their business could have from some basic e-business automation methodologies - for more details see our research.

Visionary Group has worked with client companies in developing cost effective, high performing technologies and related practices that have enabled SME's to compete with larger companies, often located in metropolitan centres within Australia and also within international marketplaces - contact us now to see what we can do for you!

For more information regarding e-business, please visit the following links:
- Australian Government Austrade website: eBusiness vs eCommerce
- Australian Government Online Business Portal:
- Wikipedia eBusiness page: Electronic Business

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