Thursday, 25 April 2013

Open Source Software

By Craig Allan
" Open Source used to have questionable reliability and was not considered to be best for business - Now Open Source software rivals the big brand companies for share of the business tools landscape... and this is only the beginning!"

Operating systems, email clients, content management systems, office software, client resource management tools and much much more... you'll find an Open Source alternative for most 'propriety' software most businesses use daily!

The team at Visionary Group uses many of these systems to power sustainable growth in a cost effective way, we support the philosophy, flexibility, security and scalability that Open Source software has to offer.

Open Source software can benefit your business by:
  • Reducing the cost of software purchases and licensing costs
  • Typically being more secure and less vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities
  • Faster update cycles, harnessing new technology developments
  • Allowing for free or cheap plug-ins to be included for easy customisation
  • Supports dedicated developers who believe in software for the masses
For more information on how we use Open Source software, or how we can assist you in your business joining the Open Source revolution, contact us now!

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