Friday, 1 March 2013

Being Innovative

We posted this saying on our business Facebook page a couple of weeks ago...I love it! I am such an ideas person, I always have something going through my head that I think will be great. When that idea is ready to pop I write it down and start my action to make it happen. I have to action my ideas.

Here are some thoughts and comments on why I have to action my ideas – they are not original – hey just because you had the idea doesn’t mean it was yours first, and I am sure you have all experienced that feeling when you come up with an idea and you spend so much time thinking about it that one day you realise another person has made your idea happen!

If you don’t make the idea happen it is not yours to own, the only way to own an idea is to be innovative and turn the idea into something real. Once you have made that idea into a product or service – then it is yours – you need to drive it and make it a success or otherwise.

Sometimes ideas fail – and that is OK. I bet you will learn heaps from the experience. What is more important is that you have put into action your idea, you have tried, it is not failure it is a learning a life lesson. My hope is that you don’t have a significant financial loss at the same time.

Often ideas work – we all get hung up on the ‘what-if it doesn’t work’ well here you go – what if it does work. What if you turn your idea into a GREAT product, service or business? What if your idea becomes the next big thing, the something that everyone must have or do? What if this idea that you have, with a little effort and action, is the thing that sets you and your family up in life – forever! Wouldn’t all of that be terrific....

A wonderful idea is only as great as the action that you take to make it happen in closing here a checklist of how I make an idea happen:
• Have the idea – think it through – write it down
• Create the ‘project concept’
• Create an action list – who do I need to create partnerships with to make my idea happen?
• What resources do I need – time, money? How am I going to make that happen
• What is my target market – how do I sell to them – what messaging will work?
• Action, Action, Action.....just do it!

Finally I give myself a timeframe to get an idea flying and then I review it – I always have a way of being able to step away from an idea and I have learn’t to never financially over-commit – test the waters and see what happens!