Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Social Media Marketing

By Craig Allan
'FaceBook has over 800 million active monthly users (Dec 2011) across the globe, if it was a country in it's own right it would be the 3rd largest in the world! Social Media sites have become an effective way of businesses to communicate with their customers in a time effective way.'

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(UPDATE: As of Oct 2013 Facebook has 1.5 Billion users)

Facebook and other Social Media sites are quickly becoming a valid and effective communication channel for businesses of all sizes, giving customers to opportunity to involve themselves in policy development, offer consumer insights to firms and also to be the first to hear about special deals on offer.

Social Media can serve as an additional channel to use as part of your existing marketing communications; press releases, newsletters, blogs, FaceBook posts and Twitter tweets will reinforce your message, but also deliver your message to additional listeners using various mediums.

FaceBook, for example, caters for business organisations very well with groups and actual organisation pages; key personnel within the organisation can continue a discussion topic by supplementing additional views on the same subject. Additionally Facebook has a relatively new, yet cost effective advertising offering that can increase a businesses reach.

According to global research company Nielsen, FaceBook, YouTube and Wikipedia are the top 3 social media sites around, with 22% of all time spent on the Internet visiting these and other similar sites - more than double than 12 months ago!

More than 50% of the Australian adult population are active Facebook users, making this and other Social Media platforms an ideal medium to engage with new and existing customers - the challenge to businesses is to adapt to this new communication with a shift in how to relate to the public.

Google+ has also demonstrated remarkable growth, with experts tipping 400+ million users by the end of 2012... another platform that needs serious consideration as a marketing tool.

With these staggering trends in mind, it's imperative that businesses of all sizes develop their marketing communications around social media... your customers are waiting for you!

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Custom Websites for Smartphones

By Craig Allan
"Mobile devices are one of the fastest growing technologies ever seen in history, ownership of smartphones are being adopted at an unprecendented rate and business owners need to consider how their websites are delivered via smartphones - thus capturing a growing marketplace to benefit businesses."

According to Marketwire there will be in excess of 1 billion smartphone users by 2014 globally, this staggering figure represents a compelling argument for business owners to adopt a mobile version of their company website.  As this marketplace has developed, there has been a number of competing solutions to deliver a streamlined version of websites – often confusing business owners in their attempts to pick the best solution.

Currently, there are a number of issues that website owners need to consider:
  • Bandwidth: Smartphones tend to use a 3G network, therefore images and other media can slow down page load times – often resulting in a web user leaving your site.
  • Modem webpage design takes into account wider screens with high resolutions, however smartphone careens are a lot smaller – this could result in web pages being difficult to navigate and content being missed as it’s not shown on screen.
  • A special domain (.mobi) was developed in 2005, enabling a distinctly mobile version of websites to be developed and hosted under this domain – while this can be a good option, it also means that 2 or more websites need to be maintained, resulting in a significant cost to business owners

    At Visionary, we use a widely used open source Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla!, which is used for around 1 million websites around the globe. Joomla! provides a mobile solution plug-in that delivers website content via a mobile template; this provides all the benefits of having a full scale website, but also allowing smartphone users to access your company website simply and quickly.

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