Friday, 21 September 2012

Online Surveys - A Streamlined Approach

By Craig Allan
"Running surveys from a traditional perspective can be costly and takes a lot of time and effort, by utilising the benefits of the Internet researchers are able to streamline several aspects of the process; the capture and analysis of respondent data is digitalised immediately, therefore cutting out manual tasks and ensuring more accurate results."

From straw polls to extensive, in-depth research, almost every step can be managed using a range of online sources - this results in a significant reduction of data corruption, especially when survey results at entered into spreadsheets or statistical analysis programs manually.

At Visionary we regularly conduct research for our clients and also for in-house use; such studies include membership quality studies, skills gaps research within the tourism sector, the uptake of ICT usage in regional SMEs, analysis of levels of reporting of sexual assault to police and many more.

Anybody can use such online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey or LimeSurvey, however the essential aspect of successful surveys is the development of effective questions that flow naturally; this is something that comes with a lot of study and practice and Visionary is well placed to deliver.

We also use a Content Management System called Joomla! that has a polling module as part of it's native install configuration; we've found this function very effective if clients require a quick response to a 'burning question', this often results in clarification for managers and business owners in setting strategy and direction.

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